Jane and Sonja, two sisters and creators at SustainMyCraftHabit.com


Are you looking for a new avenue to bring awareness about great products, services or ideas to consumers who are interested in DIY, home decor and crafts with simplicity, sustainability and/or nature in mind?

Through clear and informative tutorials, beautiful photography and entertaining story-telling Sustain My Craft Habit works to link fabulous brands with engaged consumers. 

We can help you reach a new audience through:

  • detailed DIY project tutorials featuring your products;
  • related DIY ideas to showcase your products or services;  
  • blog posts with complimentary YouTube video;
  • sharing on our social media channels;
  • a creative content series;
  • brand ambassadorships;
  • new product design and development;
  • freelance creative content development.

Our project style is heavily nature-inspired, particularly coastal with farmhouse, rustic touches. Explore examples of our past parnterships:


  • Established March 2015
  • Based in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada (specifically Oakville/Milton)
  • ~10,000 pageviews by ~8,000 readers (94% women; 62% aged 25-54 years; 42% in the US and 30% in Canada)
  • over 12,000 followers across our social media channels including Instagram (3,600), Pinterest (4,200) Twitter (3,500) and Facebook (600)

Please contact us at info@sustainmycrafthabit.com for our Media Kit and/or additional information.

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