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Get carefully selected and tested DIY project plans, supply lists and access to a community of supportive and fun DIY'ers.

We challenge you take 10 minutes A day to create something!


Join the Simple Daily DIY challenge and create beautiful DIY projects in just 10 minutes a day.

During the 15-day #SimpleDailyDIY Challenge, we'll be sending you an idea every 3 days to use in a project: it could be a material you have on hand (e.g. egg-carton, piece of paper), a technique (e.g. coloring, gluing) or an end-product (e.g. a centerpiece for your table). The goal is to make something in just 10 minutes per day over the three day period with materials that you already have available to you.  

And don't worry if you're stuck for inspiration: we'll also send some specific projects and ideas that we've found that fit with the challenge theme - you just need to pick your favourite and create! 

The best part of our low-pressure, tons of fun challenge is that we'll all be sharing our creations in our amazing, supportive and positive Facebook group and Instagram Community. 

  Give yourself just 10-minutes a day to make something, unwind, feel productive and happier. IT's a MUST!

We are big believers that crafting and hobbies are a NEED in addition to a fun and productive way to spend time and have the science to prove it:

So, based on the science, unleashing and expressing your creativity is a necessity for mental wellness, energy and happiness.

Just consider this challenge as your free therapy!

How Does the simple daily diy Challenge Work?

Sample project kit for the Simple Daily DIY 15-day creativity challenge. Click to learn more and join the challenge!

Every 3 days, starting Nov 15 we'll send you an e-mail with the project idea that we'll all be working on together.

We've carefully selected and tested each project to make sure that you can make them in less than 10 minutes per day over the 3 day period. We'll give you specific steps on what to do on Days 1-3 in order to create beautiful and impressive projects.

Or if you prefer, go freestyle and make whatever you'd like that fits with the theme!

And even better, we'd love to see what you're making: we'll all be sharing and marveling in our creativity on our #SimpleDailyDIY community Facebook group and Instagram accounts.


You! If you're here and curious, you have to give this a try. You have nothing to lose! :D You can withdraw from the challenge mailing list at any time. But seriously, this challenge is ideal for those who:

  • would love to "make" and be creative more, but just can't seem to find the time;
  • have a bit of time but can't always think of what to create;
  • are looking to connect with others who also like to create and craft;
  • just would like to see others create.

What previous challenge participants had to say...

Large paper flower - an example of the great DIY ideas we'll be making in the Simple Daily DIY challenge. Click to learn more.


  • A motivational email every 3 days during the challenge period (November 15-30).
  • Up to five completed crafts/DIYs/projects depending on how many you are able to do (no pressure!)
  • Prizes and freebies for participants.
  • Access to our #SimpleDailyDIY exclusive Facebook group which is carefully monitored for only positivity, encouragement and support (any negativity will be given the boot!)
  • An opportunity for your project to be featured in our end-of-challenge blog post on .
  • Laughs, encouragement and happiness!

Can't wait for the challenge to begin?

Here's what you'll get before we even start:

  • A pre-challenge welcome kit including the project schedule and recommended supply list (to help you gather some supplies that will be handy to have on hand during the challenge).
  • Access to our #SimpleDailyDIY Facebook community.
  • Our weekly Sustain My Craft Habit newsletter full of natural and simple DIY and home decor inspiration. 
Take the time to unleash your natural creativity with SustainMyCraftHabit's FREE #SimpleDailyDIY 15-day creativity challenge. Click through for all the details!

If you'd like to learn even more about this challenge, check out why we started the challenge, a recap from our first challenge or find our more about who we are here.