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Do your ever feel like you just don't have enough time to express your creativity? Or that you'd like to be more creative but just don't have the motivation or are unsure of where to start? Well we’re with you sista’!

Sustain My Craft Habit is here to help you unleash and take pride in your creative side with natural and simple DIY ideas to inspire projects for yourself, your home or handmade gifts for those you care about.

Whether you're:

  • a crafting and DIY dabbler, weekend warrior or pro,
  • are curious about how to add natural elements to your home decor,
  • want to create impressive projects using inexpensive materials that you may already have on hand, or
  • are just looking for beautiful DIY project inspiration and ideas,

we've got you covered with projects ranging from super simple to more complicated. With our detailed tutorials and tips you'll be saying “I can do this!” with confidence and pride. For some examples of the nature-inspired projects that you’ll find on our web-pages we invite you to pick up our free 18-page ebook “DIY Rustic Decor: 7 Simple Ideas to Infuse Nature into your Home”.

Also, we are proud to host our Simple Daily DIY challenge, a free 15-day creative challenge to encourage a little creativity every day, together. To learn more about and join the challenge head over here.


The beautiful sunset of Lake Huron, Ontario. Sustain My Craft Habit

Sustain My Craft Habit is a creative blog launched by two sisters, Jane and Sonja, in March 2015 as a bit of a challenge to ourselves, to see if we could decorate our homes using materials available to us, rather than spending a lot of money on them.

We grew up in a home where DIY was the motto: cooking and baking from scratch, growing our own veggies and fruit in our suburban backyard garden, making decor for our rooms and even sewing our own prom dresses. So now, we find items that are in otherwise excellent shape in thrift stores, Freecycle and even the occasional curb. Also, we get so much inspiration from nature, especially the Lake Huron, Ontario beach where our family cottage has been for decades. We love to find creative ways to use and display driftwood, stones, sea glass and those gorgeous coastal colours, often resulting in naturally rustic and nautical pieces.

Even if you don’t have a beach in your backyard from which to collect driftwood, don’t worry: most of our projects can be adapted to use what you have on hand such as branches, twigs, or stones from your property or nearby park.  

Many of our projects have been shared on large DIY and craft sites such as Craftgawker, Dwellinggawker and Hometalk and have been featured at link-up parties including Snickerdoodle Sunday, Hookin’ on Humpday, and the Sunshine Life Link Up. We are also proud founding members of BeMakeful.com.


We are two sisters with a love for all things handmade. We spend our weekdays just outside of Toronto, Canada and many of our weekends/holidays at our family cottage on Lake Huron, near Bayfield, Ontario. We're hoping our shared passion for creating using everyday materials will rub off on you!



Although I’ve never considered myself to be particularly creative or artistic, I’ve always loved crochet, cross stitch and make cards and gifts for my family and friends. Crafting was, and still is, the creative outlet for my otherwise science-oriented mind. I studied biology and finished my PhD in the neurosciences. I am now a scientist at a large teaching hospital in Toronto, studying how people recover after sustaining brain injuries.

I’m also mom to four fantastic little ones (1 to 9 years of age) and wife to my wonderful husband. They all inspire me and have me wondering and marveling about the world we live and grow in every day.

It is these experiences as a working mom, a creative woman in today’s society and a scientist in healthcare that I bring to co-writing the posts on Sustain My Craft Habit. You’ll find simple and practical ideas to bring a little nature in your home and some science thrown in about the beneficial aspects of creativity and making.



Having been raised by very resourceful, creative and energetic parents, DIY was the norm in our home. By the age of 12, I was obsessed with my mom’s sewing machine. And that passion continued which eventually led me to study business and fashion.

These days, I’m a mom to a beautiful and brilliant little girl and work as a product developer within the fashion industry. Making something new and beautiful out of the unexpected is what I love to do and would love to show you how easy it can be, even if you don’t consider yourself to be the DIY or crafty type.

I’ve always appreciated the value of handmade and preferred high-quality over quantity. With this blog I am challenging myself to see if I can continue to make things and decorate my home using materials and techniques that are a little more Earth-friendly. I’d love to show you how to rethink and repurpose all of the treasures we have around us.

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